Scriptwriting – Idea 3 : ‘THE MAN FOLLOWED BY FEAR’ – Story outline


Jason peeks his head out of his front door, his eyes wide open. He checks his left and right to make sure no one is around and then steps out. He is dressed in a suit and carries and an odd and heavy briefcase. He straightens his tie and moves off to the end of the drive. He seems to be agitated somehow. He walks along the pavement, giving the odd glance over his shoulder. He then arrives at the train station. He sits on an empty bench twirling his thumbs, waiting for his ride to work. He remains observant, scanning all of the faces that walk by, as if trying to identify someone.


He sees the train pull up, and he hurriedly picks up his suit case and hurries to the edge of the platform. He jumps on the train as soon as the doors open, not waiting for the passengers to get off. He moves up the train until he finds the quietest carriage, apart from one old man in a hood sat near the back. He sits in a booth meant for four people and places his case on the table. He looks uneasily at the case. Peering up the aisle from his seat to see that no one is there, he takes a deep breath, and turns his head back. His eyes widen. Sat opposite him is a very pale man, in a suit, smiling at him. Jason’s hands crease up and he starts to sweat.  

The pale man points to the man in the corner, still smirking. Jason, with beads of sweat now on his forehead, turns to see the old man in the hood, asleep. Jason looks back to the pale man , then back to the old man. He shrieks as the man charges down the aisle wielding a huge knife. He puts one arm out in defence and shields his eyes with the other. He waits for a second, opens his eyes and then the old man is back in his seat as he was before. He looks back at the pale man, still smirking, and then gets up to move.

Jason get off the train, runs from the station and arrives at work, which consists of seeming hundreds of identical offices. He sits, typing away nervously, but the pale man is nowhere to be seen. Someone coughs, and he ducks for cover. He then jumps back up onto his seat as if nothing happened. A hand comes from behind him to grab his shoulder. When the contact is made, Jason jumps to his feet and turns around. It’s his colleague, bringing him a cup of tea. He sighs with relief takes the tea. His colleague then moves off and stood behind him is the pale man, looking happy as ever. The pale man points at the clock. The ticks become louder, and slower. When suddenly, the clock starts going back in time. The photocopy machine become unbearably loud and Jason’s boss approaches him. He is also smiling, and repeats, “Your fired, Your Fired, Your fired”. The ticks of the clock becomes extremely loud and fast until Jason runs across the office, screaming all the way, takes the clock off the wall and smashes it. He looks up, the office is silent, and all of his colleagues are staring at him.


Jason runs out of the office, carrying his briefcase  . He heads straight for his therapist. He arrives, sweaty and exhausted. He walks in and bangs on the door. The therapist answers, and exclaims that he was not due for another two hours. However, he can see Jason is distressed, and invites him in. He sits him down. “I thought this was getting better’. Jason looks up, shakes his head, then looks down again. “Come on, what have we discussed, the only thing to fear, is fear itself. And what smart fella said this? Franklin D Roosevelt”. Jason looks at the window, and then back at the therapist. “Now where’s that case I asked you to carry, I hope you haven’t opened it I hope?” Jason shake his head. “Well, nows the time”. Jason’s eyes shoot up and he slowly opens the case. There is nothing inside. “Whats inside?” The therapist asks. He is met with a puzzled look. The therapist speaks for Jason. “Nothing. Now, you may be wondering why I asked you to carry around a pretty heavy suitcase full of nothing for the past 2 weeks Jacob. It’s because I wanted to show you what you are doing to yourself, literally. Carrying around these fears, anxieties and illusions, that amount to nothing. Now give me the case back, and the weight is gone, not heavy burden to be carried around everywhere you go.

Jason gives the suitcase over, takes a breath, and suddenly feels light, like his courage had returned. He shakes the therapists hand and gets up to leave. “Just one more thing Jacob”. The therapist sounded stern. Jacobs eyes widen, he turns around slowly. He cringes as he turns around, expecting the worst.  “Could you shut the door please?”. Jacob sighs smiles and shuts the door.

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Scriptwriting – Idea 3 : ‘THE MAN FOLLOWED BY FEAR’ – Premise

The Man Followed By Fear is a black comedy following Jason, a man in his late thirties, in a normal day of his life. However, at the ned of this day, he has his first meeting with his therapist. During this day, Jason is stalked by a strange and unwelcome visitor, who is constantly teasing him with fearful thoughts throughout his day. Be it suggesting that the man sat at the back of the train is a homicidal manic ready to pounce on him at any moment or that his boss is forever on the verge of firing him at work. Can Jason make it through the day to talk to his therapist or will the fear get too much for him to handle?

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Scriptwriting – Idea 3 : “THE MAN FOLLOWED BY FEAR” – Research

For this script idea, I needed to research what scares us and why we get scared. I wanted to do this so I could understand fear on a deeper level before creating a script idea around it. When researching the psychology of fear, I found that fear is most likely an evolutionary response to allow for humans to escape and avoid life threatening situations. However fear has developed into a much more complex thing as we have developed as human beings. Fear is described as an emotion, however in an article in Future health on the psychology of fear by Saberi Roy, she describes fear as more of a feeling. She also talks about fear as a manifestation, and that we don’r always know what scares us. This means that some fears are unconscious, as she goes on to explain using dreams as an example. An unconscious dream of old dilapidated houses could lead to a feeling of fear, but not resulting as the house as the element the dreamer is aware they are fearful of.

Whilst researching an article in the Scientific American, it is suggested again that humans are born afraid. This is evolutionary and we have developed it to avoid potentially threatening situations. However, the article goes on to explain the personal side of fear, for example one person may watch a horror film and become terrified as a result, whilst another may not be scared at all. This is another layer to fear. Joy Hirsch, a professor of functional neuroradiology, neuroscience and psychology compares trying to define the feeling of fear to defining what the colour red is. In this way, fear still seems mysterious in the way of the feeling that results from the emotion. We know that the emotion is fear, but it is harder to describe the feeling.

It was Franklin D Roosevelt  who said that, ‘Only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. It is this that will be the core of my idea. The idea that we are born scared and we don’t even know why. It is almost like an evolutionary illusion to keep us on our toes. I found this to be slightly comical, and this helped me develop my film from a thriller into a black comedey. This research does not only provide interesting by will constitute as a major theme in my script idea.


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Scriptwriting – Idea 3 : ‘THE MAN FOLLOWED BY FEAR’ – Source

This idea came from a mixture of an interest in psychology and a character that inspired me from David Lynch’s, ‘The lost Highway’. I studied psychology at A-level, and I developed an interest in one aspect of the course, fear. I have always been interested in the concept of fear, and what scares us. I find it interesting when asking people what they are scared of. The usual answers are spiders, snakes and heights for example. My theory is that fear is a greater power than people immediately think. I believe people can mistake the words fear and dislike. Real, raw fear is something that has always wanted to explore more, and it is this that was the function as the centre of my script idea.

I also believe that the public are becoming harder to scare, especially in film. Be this through desensitisation or an overpopulation of the horror genre, I do not know. However, nearly all films that try to create fear in proper often go down the spirit, monster and paranormal activity road. When asked what they are scared of, people rarely say monsters and ghosts. So why does, for the most part, the industry use this same framework to try to scare is audience. I wanted to try something different in my film, and try to explore what really scares people. The film Flight scared me more than Paranormal activity, because it involved a plane crash. I am more scared than planes crashes than ghosts. It is this idea I tried to focus on in the creation of this script.

I took inspiration from the mystery man rom David Lynch’s, ‘Lost Highway’. After being showed a scene in a lecture, I then went on to watch the full film. I found one character the most striking. Robert Blake played the mystery man, and this pale, unusual character inspired me when thinking about my own idea. I wanted a character like this to follow the protagonist in my film. I wanted to achieve that same sense of unfamiliarity and anxiousness that he made me feel onto me when watching that scene.

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Scriptwriting – Idea 2 : ‘THE SPRIGGAN’ – Story outline


A man is running through a beautiful crest in pursuit of something. He has scruffy facial hair and dirty clothes and is clearly an outdoorsman. He chases the silhouette through the forest and hears the cries of the dear as he chases it. Then he stops and crouches, spotting the deer paused and calm. He raises his gun to shoot when he hears something to his right. His eyes widen. He slowly stand up and his lip trembles at what he sees. He shakes his head and runs from the scene.

Next, a man is hiking through beautiful scenery, on the edge of a forest. The figure is swallowed by the enormity of it. Upon entering, then man looks lost, sweaty and dirty. Then he spots a shack. He knocks more than once before he receives a response. A man appears, with his scruffy facial hair and dirty clothes. He welcomes him in. The scruffy man looks unhappy, and his visitor is surprised by this. The scruffy man, called David, offers him a drink, and they sit down. The visitor, Alex, asks what is wrong with him. He does not reply. Alex tries to cheer him up by stating that they should go on a hunt. Davids eyes widen and he says that he is not feeling well. Alex can not understand this. David does not want Alex to go, and they fall out as Alex leaves the house.


Alex steps out from the house, gun in hand. He finds a deer in the woods and pursues it through the wondrous forest. He tracks it to a hollowed out log, where he discovers it is not a deer at all, but  women, with no clothes, dirt on her face and twigs in her hair. She will not speak to him. He takes her back to the cabin and raps a blanket round her. She doesn’t seem to cold despite the chill in the air. David recognises her. He seems petrified. Alex wants to take her to the hospital, but David blocks the way, he said he would take care of it and that he should go out hunting again. David seems annoyed still.

Alex leaves the house. He starts pursuing something again. As he chases it, he runs past flowers which seem damaged. He stops raises his gun and shoots. He drags the dear back to the cabin. On entering he sees his uncle leaning on the wall. When Alex approaches David, his uncle eyeballs him over to the sofa, where an older woman now sits. She is staring at him and the dirt on her face is split up by tear marks.


Alex leaves the house, dismayed. He looks around, at the cleared woodland and crushed flowers. He goes to collect fire wood. Every moment when his axe strikes the tree, he sees the old face flash in front of his eyes. On returning back to the cabin, the weather is unusually dark. Upon entering, he finds David, crying in his hands. Alex enters and looks down on the floor where he sees an old dying women breathing heavily. She lies in a pool of blood. Alex looked terrified, then the breathing stops.

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Scriptwriting – Idea 2 – ‘THE SPRIGGAN’ : Premise

The Spriggan is a drama following a man arriving at his uncles house in the forest, ready for a weekend of hunting. However, his uncle seems to have changed since the last, and the idea of the hunt seems unappetising to him and he seems to have remained isolated in his house for longer than usual. Despite this, the young man goes out into the forest in search of deer, when he comes across a beautiful women in the forest, with no voice and no clothes. On returning her to the shack, it is obviously the uncle recognises her. What secrets does the uncle hold and can the pair be sure that what they found in the forest is even human?

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Scriptwriting – Idea 2 : ‘THE SPRIGGAN’ – Research

When conducting my research for this script idea, I split my efforts in half. Firstly I would research the folklore surrounding the Spriggan, a small Cornish goblin like being. Secondly I would explore the latest evidence of the effect of human behaviour on the earth, and how we as humans have changed the face of the planet negatively. I did this so that I could create a spriggan that contains both my own interpretations and elements of the already existing mythos. I chose to research the human effect on the planet as I am planning to make a statement in this script, so it is important to commit to the relevant research so that my point is valid and reasonable.

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A ‘spriggan’ is known to be a type of fairy link to nature, and the myth’s roots link back to Cornwall. They are said to have a link to nature, often taking the form of tree like creatures or have the appearance of a plant or rocks. They are known to be quite dark and mischievous. It is all described within the myth as hideously ugly and have skinny deformed bodies. In Cornwall, it is said that they are the ghosts of giants.

They have been represented in games often, mainly as defenders of the forest and nature. In my script, I am going to blend this with my own interpretation. However, my spriggan will be represented at first by a beautiful women. As like the Cornish folklore, my spriggan will be linked to nature in a way that she represents it, however she will represent a human version of the earth itself. She represents the pain the human race is causing the planet, and her appearance changes throughout the film as a result.

When researching the effects of our human behaviour on the environment, I firstly looked at the climate section of the NASA website ( ) and looked at the statistics and figures regarding the changes happening to the planet. It shows a live feed of CO2 levels, Arctic sea ice levels, sea level, Global temperature and land ice levels. The figures show all the signs of accelerated climate change.

This aligned with this article where David Attenborough describes how we are killing the planet, shows that there is a level of concern when it comes to human behaviour effacing the planet. In the article, Attenborough compares humans to ‘A plague’, stating that we are using up worlds resources, causing both the earth and the animals we share it with to suffer.


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Scriptwriting idea 2 : ‘THE SPRIGGAN’ – Source

This idea came to me as I married my interest and love of nature and stories of folklore with a song I had heard. The song inspired me and its sound and lyrics helped me when forming an idea for the story. Master filmmakers and lecturers alike  reiterate that it’s the music in the film that tells the audience how they should be feeling. In this way, then song makes me feel sad. However, the song is beautiful and has some excellent themes that coincide with my interest in nature.

The song, ‘Take Us Back”, by Alela Diane explores the idea that nature is king, and that we are all mortal and will inevitably one day have to return to it. Many of her songs revolve around the theme of nature. Personally, the phrase ‘take us back’ refers to the songwriters acceptance of nature reclaiming her once her life commences on earth. As well as this, the songs lyrics tend to create natural imagery in my head. The lyrics contain phrases such as, ‘Meet me where the snow melt flows’, ‘Atop the crags and cliffs the air is thin’, and  ‘The strength of water can sink a man’ . These lyrics both reinforce the imagery of large cliffs and beautiful forests in my head, and explore the themes that inspired me to create ‘The Spriggan’. As a non religious man, the idea of retiring to nature when I die provides a source of comfort, I get a warm and happy feeling when I listen to this song, as well as a feeling of sadness. This conflicting feeling is why it resonates with me and I find it so interesting to listen to. It is the conflict of feelings that make so many films as interesting as they are.

Along with this song, it is my great fondness of nature that lead me to start thinking about The Spriggan. I have always been conscious of how we as humans treat the planet, and how we ignore the signs of its suffering. I have travelled around the world to hike and go on nature walks. I get extremely excited when exploring a forest or climbing a mountain. It makes me feel free. I get a sense of liberation and escapism, as If no one can touch me. My travels took me to New Zealand where I explored rain forests, climbed mountains and hiked across hills. This was an integral source leading to the motivation to create The Spriggan. And ‘Take Us Back’ will indefinitely run after the credits.

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Scriptwriting – Idea 1 : ‘GRUFF’ – Story outline


Three brothers are walking over the horizon, Charlie, Callum and Jacob. They are all distinguishable besides wearing the same school uniform, mainly by their age . Jacob, 12, walks in front of the others by a small ,again, followed by the second youngest, Callum and then the eldest, Charlie. The youngest brother runs off ahead into the distance, whilst the other two trail. The eldest brother shouts ahead to the youngest to slow down, but he is ignored. Callum looks upset, his head down and body language rigid. Charlie realises this, and asks him if he is ok. Callum is quiet for a moment then replies whilst pointing in the direction of Jacob, “He’s acting like nothing has happened, like he doesn’t care”. Charlie replies, “Well he’s younger than you, he doesn’t understand”. The two two see the topic of their conversation hitting a branch against a tree. “Well he’s fucking stupid” says Callum.

The brothers continue their walk to school through public footpaths, fields and parks. The route seems familiar to them, as any school route would. The older boys catch up to Jacob. Callum shouts, ” We’re gunna’ be late again if you don’t stop messing around, and i’ll tell mum this time!”. Jacob drops his head and continues walking. Charlie says to Callum, “Don’t be too harsh to him. He is just as fed up with the arguments as we are. He just shows it differently”. Callum walks off in front of Charlie, and the eldest brother says under his breath, “He’s not stupid.”


Suddenly, Jacob comes running around the corner crying and holding his eye. The two older brothers run over. “Jacob what the fuck happened!?” shouts Charlie, running over to comfort him. Callum looks round the corner, then says “I know what happened”. He spots the local bullies on a bridge ahead, clearing imitating and mocking Jacob after they hit him.

Charlie moves angrily towards the scene of the crime, but then stops in his tracks when he realises who the groups are. Callum asks, “Arn’t you going to do something? They just hit Jacob!”. Charlie looks frightened. He fumbles his words and does not know what to do. The group on the bridge are the bullies in his year and he had already had many dealings with them. “We can’t go around the bridge, we will be late again! and remember what Miss Andrews said!.”


Charlie stands in panicked thought, try to strategise a response. The Callum looses his patience and grabs Jacob and heads towards the bridge. Charlie thinks again for a second, then moves after them. They reach the bridge and the large group recognise them. Callum leads James up to them. He demands that they let them pass. They surprisingly, but deceptively say that all three brothers can pass. The brother seem surprised and as they pass, until a hand reaches out a grabs Charlie. One of the group shouts, “Not you mate!” The group surround the boy.

Callum tries to reach Charlie but is blocked by the two of the group. Charlie can not escape from the crowd, he just looks down. The crowd start shoving him, trying to evoke a response. This doesn’t work, and the group up their antics by starting to kick and punch him. Eventually, he snaps and hits one of the boys. They then all jump on him and he disappears under the crowd. Callum struggles to get to his older brother.

A great scream then rings out from the crowd as the group stand back. The crowd step away from the boy to reveal him holding a knife covered in blood. One of the bullies falls to the floor holding his stomach. All the other group members scatter and run from the bridge leaving Charlie staring into space and the Callum and Jacob staring at him in shock.

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Scriptwriting – Idea 1 : ‘GRUFF’ – Premise

Gruff is a dramatic modern day retelling of the old Norwegian folklore tale, Three Billy Goats Gruff. The story follows three brothers as on their way to school one morning after witnessing domestic violence between their parents, as they discover the bridge they cross everyday is blocked by the local bullies. Despite a conflict between the brothers in what the best idea is to deal with this situation, the second eldest brother decides to cross the bridge and the others follow. Although initially the being surprised by the bullies letting the first two bullies pass, this all proves to be a deceptive trick as the trap the third and eldest brother, forcing him into a potentially life threatening situation.

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