Sound – research – Michael Rüsenberg (200 words)

Michael Rüsenberg is a German born sound artist who has worked creating soundscapes and compositions. He often uses original sounds created in symphonies to create erie and long soundscapes. He comes from a broad range of work including journalism, radio broadcasting and sound design. He also has a keen interest in social science, having co-written three separate social science studies in his time. This study of humans and the mind makes for a greater understanding of our behaviour, and how we react to certain stimuli. This helps Michael when creating his art, as he is aware that certain sounds and changes to sound we detect can have an effect on our emotions and thinking.

His soundscapes are very long, and are hard not to get lost in. They are often eerie and not always acoustically pleasing as this is not what the artist is trying to achieve. I took inspiration from this when designing my sound, realising that my work doesn’t necessarily have to sound acoustically pleasing to be powerful and to good standard. Some of his work is coupled with a visual stimulant, aiding in trying to create a picture or place in your head. These places are often sad, giving a feeling of abandonment and loneliness.

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